Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Curiosity kills.

People are naturally curious. They have a tendency to ask anything they can whenever they could. Sometimes it's a good thing, for it brings about new knowledge. It clears away any misconceptions and faults. However, there are just times that you have to stop asking when you feel that it will hurt someone else, especially when it hurts you. There are numerous times when you just want to know something about a certain person that you've feared on asking before. Then at just this certain moment, the moment feels right, you ask it. You in your foolish mind have  a preconceived idea on what the others answer might be. Unfortunately, it wasn't the answer you heard at that "perfect moment" you had. It hurts you. It's a moment you can't just erase, go back to, and worse, it's an answer you can't just forget.

Sometimes we can't trust ourselves. People say that you should believe in yourself and trust your gut. It's a concept that does indeed work at certain times, but not all the time. Especially at moments when you feel like you want to say something that has been stored inside for so long. Thing is you've kept it so long, why didnt you think of keeping it a bit longer? Sometimes we think it's the right moment and time for it, but sometimes it just isn't.

Discouraging you to speak your mind and ask what makes you curious is definitely not the way to go. It's better doing such than having what ifs in your minds. What if I did say it? What if i did ask it? What if.. What if.

My advice?

Strengthen your heart. 

You'll need it.

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