Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Curiosity kills.

People are naturally curious. They have a tendency to ask anything they can whenever they could. Sometimes it's a good thing, for it brings about new knowledge. It clears away any misconceptions and faults. However, there are just times that you have to stop asking when you feel that it will hurt someone else, especially when it hurts you. There are numerous times when you just want to know something about a certain person that you've feared on asking before. Then at just this certain moment, the moment feels right, you ask it. You in your foolish mind have  a preconceived idea on what the others answer might be. Unfortunately, it wasn't the answer you heard at that "perfect moment" you had. It hurts you. It's a moment you can't just erase, go back to, and worse, it's an answer you can't just forget.

Sometimes we can't trust ourselves. People say that you should believe in yourself and trust your gut. It's a concept that does indeed work at certain times, but not all the time. Especially at moments when you feel like you want to say something that has been stored inside for so long. Thing is you've kept it so long, why didnt you think of keeping it a bit longer? Sometimes we think it's the right moment and time for it, but sometimes it just isn't.

Discouraging you to speak your mind and ask what makes you curious is definitely not the way to go. It's better doing such than having what ifs in your minds. What if I did say it? What if i did ask it? What if.. What if.

My advice?

Strengthen your heart. 

You'll need it.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


The past semester has really taken its toll on me. I've never been as vulnerable as I have been. School had just become really hard and I guess the higher years were never wrong! Third Year is really hard. The past semester I realized who my friends really were. They were always there for me and comforted me whenever I felt down. A lot of things happened this past semester. Unfortunately, it's not something I would want to share on the WWW. :P

So congratulations to me! :) I've been exempted in all my Bio Subjects! :D The Lord has definitely been there for me and gave me a grade much higher than I expected. Furthermore, it's just so amazing how my grades are just on the borderline (i.e if 1.50 was 87-89, i would get an 87), so it was like the Lord wanted me to become contented and not even think or worry about taking the Finals to raise my grades. I'm just so thankful. He's always been there when I had no one to talk to. He also gave me wonderful friends who have never let me down. :)

Now it's sembreak! I plan on getting my student's permit from LTO and learn how to drive. I also need to complete my requirements and review for the National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) this coming December. I also plan on helping my mom out a bit in the business and learn how to play piano again! Gosh. I've never had this much plans for sembreak or any break I ever had since I've stayed here in the Philippines! I guess it's a first. Haha. I'm pretty excited. I even made a schedule! :D

The most important thing I plan to do this sembreak is to "fix myself". I just feel so broken mentally and emotionally. :| As I said, last semester really has taken its toll on me. I don't know how I'll begin but I have some things in mind. :) Hopefully after three weeks, I'll be renewed again. I'll be ready for the last regular semester in my Third Year life.

Can't wait. :)

Happy Semestral break Guys! :D

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wondering #2

There are times when you wonder if there's something wrong with you. Why you never manage to please people enough to make them like or even appreciate you. Aren't efforts being noticed? Nothing seems to be good enough for them to notice. Maybe it's not the type they prefer or is it that you never had the quality or the gift to make them like what you have to offer them? I don't know. These thoughts frequently go through my mind.

A candle won't be noticed until the lights go out.
Should it be this way?
Will I simply be a candle in a brightly lit room?

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Music is <3
Music is

Erg. Sorry, this suddenly came to mind while soundtripping. LOL.

Bloggin away.

It has been over a month since I last blogged. I've been very busy with school. "Ang toxic ng 3rd year (3rd year is really hard)", is what the higher years have always said, and they aren't wrong. I would have to agree. Every weekend we'd be studying for quizzes or writing reports. My poor Acy's (my laptop's name) always having its workout. Gosh. I really wish there's one day when there's nothing to do and nothing to think about. A stress-free day! Well, my Friday sunset to Saturday sunset isn't all that stressful because I don't do work. But still! (xP) When the clock strikes 6 pm or when I see the sun go down, I'd think of all the things I have to pass the next week. I want to take a break!

So, what happened during the past month? Hmm. *thinks* Nothing interesting. Nothing out of the ordinary. Maybe if I watch the last [ :( ] Harry Potter movie, I will have something to share. Right now, there's nothing for me to write about. However, I have this idea of posting some of my philosophical thoughts. I'm the kind of person who have opinions for everything, so I think that it'll be nice if I were to share it with you - whoever you are reading this.

Til next time! Hopefully, it'll be very soon! xP

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Insomniac

Happy Insomniac by UrbanGermany

The first time I heard this song, I was like.. "OOOOH, sooo cuuute." Haha. Well, in my head! For some reason, this song makes me feel happy. Maybe it's the fun intro or beat, I dunno. But maybe I do owe it to the beat because it's so lively and so happy! I've wanted to write songs like this, but all I've ever tried to compose are senti, friendship, love and religious songs. Add funny random songs too because I would compose on the spot for my brother when I want to tease him and make him realize a few things. ;) But I've never tried to write a fun song like this! "As a composer, I want to make my listeners happy with my music." WEH. LOL. Composer daw. :)) Maybe one day I'll get inspired and write a complete song. Not just the music or a one-liner, but a full song with the music, lyrics, and emotion.

I hope that "one day" will be soon. :P

Btw, the song's by Urbangermany. He's a Youtube artist and a very talented singer-composer. :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

What I learned from the NBA Finals Game 2

It was 11 o’clock when I woke up to the incessant rings of the telephone. I answered and it was my father. He asked me to watch the Miami-Dallas game and tell him the score. It wasn’t a problem because I wanted to watch it too. I walked groggily towards the living room and turned on the tv and changed the channel to ABS-CBN, which had the live coverage of the game. It was the 4th quarter with 11 minutes left and Miami was leading 75 to 71. “Good”, I thought, “My dad would be pleased”. So, I texted him the score and the quarter, and he replied to text him the final score. “No problem”, I thought. So I continued to watch the game. Everyone who watched the game today knows that the Miami Heat HAD a 15 pt lead over the Dallas Mavericks. Pretty rad and Dwayne Wade even scored around 38 points. Miami Heat really took control. However, as you may notice, I emphasized the HAD, because it didn’t take long til the Mavericks caught up and around 30 seconds left in the game their score was 90-90. Yes, it didn’t take long because when I left the room to check on the laundry, there was a big gap between the two teams’ scores. When I came back, the score was tied! And it all started with Jason Kidd’s 3-pointer. The Heat was still in the lead that time and I guess Lebron James and Dwayne Wade were pretty confident that they were going to win Game 2. Hence, they didn’t pay attention and failed to block Jason Kidd who had a clear shot at the 3-point line. After that, the Miami Heat lost Game 2. It.. let’s say.. slipped through their fingers. Maybe if they continued to play hard as they had as they were getting a 15 pt lead, they would have won. The moment they lost focus was the moment they started losing the game. Imagine? Leaving Jason Kidd free at the 3-point line? I’m not that knowledgeable about player stats, field goals, etc., but I know that you should not let him or any player have a clear shot at the 3-point line. You’ll never know when they’ll get lucky, ya know? ;)

There are times in life when we will feel complacent because we’ve attained “much” or because we’re “sure” that we’re going to get the results that we want. However, we must remember, the game is not over yet. In the last 6 minutes (like Jason Kidd) or maybe in the last 11 seconds (like Reggie Miller), “game-changing” things might happen. In just that moment when you lose all the focus and the determination you had in the first half of the game, that’s when you start losing.

Do you remember the last time you’ve lost focus and been complacent?

I remember my last time and I hope it’ll be the last.

I hope it’ll be yours too.

Go for your dreams!

Be like the Mavericks who never let that 15 pt lead discourage them. ;)

[What team am I actually supporting here? :)) ]